Ten things I learnt from my Irish tour

I’ll be posting something with a little more detail (and some video and photos) soon, but I thought I’d just put this out there while it’s still fresh:

  1. You will need more socks than you think.
  2. Ireland is beautiful, and its people and culture are great.
  3. You can just do this stuff.
  4. Do not underestimate hear/like/buy  (Get people in the venue first!)
  5. The middle of the ferry(i.e. from bow to stern) is the calmest when in high seas.
  6. Make sure all posters and flyers have as least one URL.
  7. Fresh fruit is better than caffeine for keeping you awake on long drives.
  8. Touring with large groups makes decision making harder, but cost bearing easier.
  9. Time is weird when touring: Thoughts of an heroic, Odyssean return from a grand voyage were deflated by the discovery that the milk in the fridge is still fine.
  10. if you're waiting for a sign, this is it.  Do it.  It will be amazing.

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